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Intelligence Analysis & Support Services

We provide intelligence professionals with skill sets covering the full range of intelligence and operations disciplines and systems including:

All-Source Intelligence

Socio-Cultural Dynamics/Human Terrain

Open Source Intelligence / Publicly Available Information

Illicit Aviation Analysis

Signals Intelligence

Collections Management

Cellular Exploitation

Kinetic/non-Kinetic Targeting

Imagery Intelligence

Intelligence Support to Information Operations

Geospatial Intelligence

Intelligence and Operations Planning

Full Motion Video

Nonconventional Assisted Recovery Planning

Human Intelligence

Military Deception Planning

Measurement and Signal Intelligence

Information Operations Planning

Identity Intelligence

Special Technical Operations Planning


System Administration and Security Management

Irregular Warfare Analysis

Offensive Cyber Operations Planning

Threat Finance

Strategy Plans & Policy Assessment

Insider Threat/Force Protection

Our analysts provide focused intelligence to combat DoD and IC challenges such as terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, surface and subsurface maritime threats, mobile missile threats, improvised explosive devices, cyber threats, force protection, and support to special operations and conventional forces. FGS provides intelligence support and services at every echelon of the government - tactical, operational, and strategic levels